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You should have dreamed to do some complex, tricky or user friendly authentication when using Apache web server. You can do this by some CGI or PHP script to send out the requested content only when some condition is met. However, this approach is not perfect because some features of Apache web server cannot be used under such mechanism. Such features include HTTP/1.1 partial file retrieving, content negotiation and output stream compression.

This simple and small Apache module will solve such problem. And, it also simplifies an authentication mechanism.

This Apache module makes it possible authentication/authorization to be done by an external program. The external program can be provided as a CGI, PHP or any other schemes which allow dynamic content to Apache.

This Apache module is written just like Apache's standard modules. It may be used as DSO (dynamic linked) module or even compiled-in (static linked) module. A simple Makefile is provided for building as DSO module. On most Unix-like system, you will type just like below:

    % make
    % su
    # make install

I am sorry that this version does not include any documentation and samples. For configuration directive, please read the big comment block in the source file 'mod_auth_script.c'.

I hope this module helps your web application project. I will appreciate any comments, bug reports and suggestions. And, I will be very happy if you notify me where and how this module works in a real web application.

Shigeru Kanemoto
Accense Technology Inc.
sgk at
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This software is licensed under Apache like license.


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